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Enjoy the driving power of one of your favourite machines, Porsche Cayman S 2019, the fasted machine on the track, or any of the reference cars of the Supersoprt segment on one of the most highly praised tracks in the World.

There are many different experiences to choose from including:
- Hot Lap Experience - Passenger next to a professional racing driver from 79€
- Driving Experience - Lap as passenger plus drive on the track from 100€

- Mega Experience - Never before have you had the chance to see the three unique reference cars of the Supersport segment assembled together.
After a sighting lap of the track, you will experience two laps in the Porsche Cayman S, two laps in the Audi RS3 and two laps in the Audi TTS. You will be driven around the track on each of the first laps and accompanied by a professional instructor on the second.
599€ per person

On-board video recording is available.
Racing School Experience - Half day Course and driving experience tailor made for you

A once in a lifetime horsepower experience!

Note - Please book at least 5 days in advance. Pre-payment required.

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