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Bike Rental
We can organise that bikes be delivered to your villa for you and your family. It is an ideal option while you are on holidays to cycle to the beach and avoid all that parking confusion and hot car interiors.

Biking Tours
A guided tour consists of a leisurely cycle through some of the Algarves beautiful country side with our experienced guides. It can be taken at the pace you desire, with as many refreshment and photo stops as required. No rush, just enjoy! The tour can be taken with your own bikes or bikes can be supplied.

Downhill Biking
This one is for the more adventourous spirited. It is a fast pace over a variety of terrains from smooth steep roads to off-road shepard paths. A more popular option is to start at the top of 'Foia' in Monchique. This is a 950m mountain from which the whole of the western Algarve and southwest coast can be seen. We can offer an extreme circuit where you will be given the course that includes jumps etc. and will be dropped at the starting point and collected at the bottom. A less extreme ride can also be arranged for the first timers, starting from the same point.

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