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This memorable experience is the ultimate way to see the Algarve. It can be adapted and suited to most peoples physical abilities.

The day starts with rock climbing on a beginners or intermediate rock surface on the peak of the Monchique mountain, which is the highest point of the Algarve. You will then be thought to Absail back down. Following that you will try your hand at 'Zip-Lining' which glides you back down to base and your waiting bikes.

You bike ride begins with 10km of easy going down hill on a asphalt road, followed by a light lunch at the half way mark. It is then approximately 15km more on the saddle before getting to the lake.

At the lake, you hop into your Kayak and do a leisurely pace for about 8km from one side to the other.

Your day will be a peaceful and memorable way of enjoying the real Algarve with its glorious and amazing flora and fauna.

scuba diving algarve

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