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Our team of 3 certified instructors offer the chance to learn tennis in a fun but truly professional manner. Excellent for beginners who want to start the sport on the right foot or even for the experienced who want to improve their techniques and fitness.

Our instructors are certified by the Federação Portuguesa de Tenis and also by the International Tennis Federation!
All have been instructors for over 5 years and relevant ITF and National classifications as players. They are also experienced in the area of recreative "turistic" tennis.
Their competence is highly recognized and at times are requested go to England for specific clients!

So get fit this summer in an enjoyable manner under the guidance of a professional of the field.

Requirements: suitable sports shoes, comfortable clothes.

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The 5 hour and 10 hour packs can be used by a family on holidays or a group of people of different levels.
Tennis court rental not included.